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Before After Before the restoration, photograph broken in half. After the restoration. 1800s Blacksmith Shop. A composite of 8 photographs.


If you think all is lost, before you throw it away, bring it by and let us evaluate it! We just may be able to save it!
All work is done in-house by Jeff so there is no chance of loss. We do not send out your photographs - ever!
If it is a Pierce Studio original then we have the negatives or digital files! We have everything from 1957 to present on file.

We scan negatives, glass negatives, slides & stereo slides and photographs.

We have fixed photographs that have been torn, ripped in pieces, have been written on, and even fire damaged.

We can composite photographs into a unique gift. A family brought in portraits of 6 generations of their family, Ohio blacksmith shop and house. We placed all 8 photographs on the background which itself was a photograph of the shop and house, along with text identifying each person and their dates of birth and death.

I received the reprints today and I'm absolutely thrilled with all of them!! I thought it was a long shot that you would even still have the negatives after 50 years, so to be able to actually have the portraits in hand that my mom thought were lost forever is truly priceless. Kellee Bland





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